Suicidal woman restored, rebuilt by good news of Christ


Alex Sibley


K.M. had been struggling with suicidal thoughts. Though earlier this year she kicked the habit of cutting herself, she maintained a negative outlook on life.

Sheree Williams, a student in the College at Southwestern, speaks with K.M., who lives in Florida, nearly everyday by phone or FaceTime. Having never met in person, they connected after Williams shared a video on her Facebook page relating an experience she had with a suicidal woman in which God intervened. The video caught K.M.’s attention, and she reached out to Williams for counseling.

One night, during a phone conversation, K.M. poured out complaint after complaint, and Williams was at a loss for what to say. “I felt like I had said all I could and was afraid to waste my breath,” she recalls.

As K.M. continued, Williams held her Bible and silently prayed, “God, I don’t know what to say to her. I have tried everything I can think of, and I have nothing. I need something. Please speak to her somehow.”

Williams flipped through the pages of her Bible, open to whatever God would show her. She stopped at Hebrews 4. As she looked at the text, which describes Jesus as a compassionate high priest from whose sight nothing (and no one) remains hidden, she was in awe—it mirrored the exact conversation she and K.M. were having.

“Listen,” she interjected. “God has this for you. Tell me again that He doesn’t see and hear you!”

As Williams read the passage to her, K.M. was speechless. Afterward, she said, “OK, that was just cool.”

“Her heart opened,” Williams says of that moment. “He made Himself real to her.”

Since that night, K.M., who professed faith in Christ prior to contacting Williams but still struggles with trusting Him, has been asking questions about the Bible and reading the passages that Williams recommends. She eventually realized her need to purchase a study Bible in order to better understand the Scriptures.

Before K.M. did so, Williams had read to her Jeremiah 31, sharing with her that “God loves her endlessly and pursues her.” The following day, K.M. texted her and said, “I was praying, asking God to show me which Bible to purchase. I picked up one I was considering, opened it, and the book marker was already resting in Jeremiah 31!”

Williams says this message “made [her] heart sing.” She prayed, “OK, God. You win!”

At K.M.’s request, Williams now leads her in a Bible study each morning. During one session, Williams noted that K.M.’s smile never faded.

“I am so encouraged that she is being restored and rebuilt,” Williams says. “The Gospel changes everything!”