TBC scholarship essay contest winner announced

Julia Dion_TBC

Quinlan, Texas, native Julia Dion is the winner of the Texas Baptist College Essay Scholarship, Dean M. Todd Bates announced today.

“I am beyond words with how I feel right now,” said Dion, who graduated as a homeschooled student. “I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I was genuinely shocked when I heard that I won.” Dion added she is “so thankful” for the generosity of TBC.

Julia Dion, a native of Quinlan, Texas, is the 2023 recipient of the Texas Baptist College Essay Scholarship.

The TBC Essay Scholarship was open to graduating high school seniors who are prospective TBC students. The prospective students were invited to submit a 3,500-4,500-word essay that answered the questions, “What is a Christian worldview and how does it inform your academic study?” to win a four-year scholarship. In addition to a four-year scholarship that covers full tuition and fees, room and board, and book costs are included.

“God has worked in remarkable ways through the essay scholarship,” Bates said.  “I love to hear the stories of students who have won the presidential scholarship—how God opened doors for students in unexpected ways—but also to hear of God’s wonderful provision for students who trusted God’s faithful leadership.”

Bates added that “Julia’s essay demonstrated thoughtful creativity.”

“She weaved together a variety of sources to support her argument, which gave the essay depth and texture,” Bates explained. “Julia was able to capture in her understanding of a Christian worldview the orientation of the heart as well as the mind, which echoes the Great Commandment.”

Dion said she is “excited to be at TBC” as her sister, Lily Dion, is already a student at the college pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in humanities degree. “I have visited TBC multiple times and even got to sit in on some classes, and I really enjoy the community there,” said Dion.

Dion, who attends Ridgeview Church in Rockwall, Texas, said she “love[s] the aspect of discipleship and community at TBC” and is “very excited about that part of the college.”

“When I was writing the essay, my constant prayer was that God would show me a clear path for what I should do,” said Dion. “After graduating high school, I have had a lot of uncertainty, but the Lord showed me a clear path where He wanted me to go.”

Bates said that “this year’s essays were outstanding” and that it will be a “privilege to participate in helping these extraordinary young people find their calling while at TBC.”

Dion will begin her Bachelor of Arts in intercultural studies degree in the fall. “I have always had a heart for missions and working with orphans in particular,” Dion said. “I feel that intercultural studies will help me learn how to engage with other cultures and be able to give a defense for my faith in a well-thought-out way.”

While writing her essay, Dion recounted her inspiration as “determining what should be at the center of everything we do” noting “the centrality of Christ in all realms of life” and wanting “to express that Christ is present in everything we do including art, education, and in our everyday life.”