This Week on the Hill: Fall registration opens, Greenway discusses COVID-era theological education

| Jun 29, 2020

"This Week on the Hill" is a weekly roundup of campus news, announcements, and events from Southwestern Seminary and Scarborough College.

Seminarian, your work is essential

Ministry is never cancelled.

Last week on Ministry Now, Adam W. Greenway joins us to discuss why the labor of seminary studies is essential work, and how it can continue even during a pandemic.

This week, we'll be joined by SWBTS alumnus Steve Gaines and his wife Donna, discussing how to fight for our families when global crises bring marital conflicts.

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Registration open now for Fall 2020

Fall 2020 will feature residential classes, online courses, and two more 8-week terms. Check out the full course list, choose the class style that fits you, and get registered today.

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Campus News

Routine prison visit leads to Gospel conversation

In her job as a criminal defense investigator, Michelle Brown, a Master of Theology student at The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, frequently visits prisons to speak with inmates about their cases. Although her job prevents her from freely speaking about her faith, the nature of these conversations often gravitates toward matters of religion and belief.

During a recent visit, Brown spoke with a man who, despite the time he had already devoted to reading the Bible, had no significant understanding of the person of Jesus Christ.

The inmate shared that he prays to God every night, and that he had already read from Genesis to Esther. He then revealed some details about his life, particularly pertaining to the criminal case at hand.

“He, like most defendants, ‘didn’t do it,’ referring to the crime he is being incarcerated for and allegedly committed,” Brown says. “As he speaks, I get this visual of him being in a cell known as general population where he shares a pod with eight other males. He has a Bible at his bunk. [I’m] visualizing the great difficulty he may have with peace and being able to spend time alone with God. It has to be impossible.”

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