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Becoming better communicators in the classroom, in the church, and in the world

Our mission is to improve the research and writing skills of Southwestern’s students and faculty. We work together with students to help them become better communicators in the classroom, in the church, and in the world. We are not an editing or a proofreading service, as our consultations are tailored more toward finding patterns instead of every error. We can help you develop the skills you need to proofread and edit your own work over time.

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Amy L. Crider

Dr. Crider serves as associate professor of foundations of education and director of the Southwestern Center for Writing Excellence. Her current research and writing focuses on developing theologically grounded pedagogy, the impact of creativity on pedagogy, rhetoric, writing style, the Trinity’s impact on the teacher-student-subject triad in residential and virtual classes, and mentoring pedagogical development in doctoral students.

Dr. Crider has written journal articles for Perichoresis and the Southwestern Journal of Theology. She is a member of the Society of Professors in Christian Education. Crider also has extensive experience as an editor.

Prior to coming to SWBTS, Dr. Crider served on the faculty at Boyce College and as the Writing Center Coordinator for Southern Seminary. She has taught adjunctively at several colleges and universities, including the University of Northern Colorado, Aimes Community College, Westmont College, Southwest Baptist University, and Liberty University.

She is married to Dr. Joseph Crider, and they have four adult children.

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