Kenneth T. Magnuson

Professor of Christian Ethics

Kenneth T. Magnuson





B.A., Bethel University
M.Div., Bethel Seminary
Ph.D., University of Cambridge

Dr. Magnuson has taught Christian Ethics for more than two decades. His research and writing interests include the structure of ethics, with attention to teleology, virtue, and divine commands, as well as contemporary issues related to family, sexuality, reproductive technologies, the dignity of human life, and a theology of work.

He has recently published a textbook in Christian Ethics, Invitation to Christian Ethics: Moral Reasoning and Contemporary Issues (Kregel, 2020). Dr. Magnuson speaks on a wide variety of contemporary moral issues. Ultimately, he is interested in learning and teaching what it means for believers to be faithful disciples in all areas of life and to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord.

In addition to serving as Professor of Christian Ethics at SWBTS, Dr. Magnuson is Executive Director of the Evangelical Theological Society.