Richard Ross

Professor of Student Ministry
J.M. Price Chair of Religious Education

Richard Ross


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Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1980; M.R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1974; B.A., Hardin-Simmons University, 1972

Richard Ross has served as professor of youth ministry in the Jack D. Terry School of Educational Ministries since 2000. His entire life has focused on seeing Christ glorified in the lives of teenagers and their parents and leaders. He served as a local-church youth minister for 30 years. Overlapping part of that time was 16 years of service as the youth ministry consultant at LifeWay Christian Resources.

 He has written over 20 books related to teenagers, youth leaders, and parents of teenagers. Each year he speaks and preaches in over 40 churches, conferences, and conventions.

God whispered the idea for the True Love Waits movement to Jimmy Hester and Richard Ross. The first promises of purity were made by members of Ross’s youth group in 1993. Today the movement has been embraced by 100 denominations and national student organizations in the U.S. and in 100 countries. Interest in the movement has led Ross to appear on such programs as The Today Show, Nightline, and CNN Headline News—and be interviewed by The Washington Post, The Washington Times, the New York Times, USA Today, Newsweek, Time, Life, Seventeen, and several hundred other newspapers and magazines.

With Bibles open, ask your teenagers: “If Jesus were living your life (your age, in 2021, in your family and school, etc.), how would He think? What would He do?” Then ask, “By the Spirit, do you hunger to be like Him?”

When you speak on revival: “Students, you cannot bring the winds of revival. That’s the Spirit’s work. But you CAN raise the sails. If your sails are up when the winds of revival come—you and your generation will move!

What if some dads used round posts and canvas to make an old ship sail—on your Wed night worship platform? And you taught students how to “raise the sails” for the next great revival sparked by their generation.

Imagine a small church with only one teenager—who’s loved by all ages and who has several important roles in the church. Lifetime faith almost certain. How do you create a similar atmosphere around EACH of your teenagers?

What if you gave each of your May graduates a copy of "Surviving Religion 101: Letters to a Christian Student on Keeping the Faith in College" (Crossway). Their reading it this summer could make a world of difference.