Online Learning

8-Week Courses

In addition to our traditional 14-week online courses, we also offer accelerated incline courses that allow students to complete a full semester of class credit in just 8-weeks, completely online.

Program Highlights

  • Fully online classes, fully online degrees
  • Asynchronous - study on your schedule!
  • 8 weeks of study, 1 semester of credit
  • Taught by the Southwestern Seminary faculty

Student Testimony

Degrees Available through the 8-Week Program

Master of Divinity (MDiv), School of Theology - 3 years

This degree is designed to prepare students for the broadest range of Christian ministries, especially in the local church. This is the master’s degree best suited for the student preparing for a pastoral or preaching ministry, as well as those seeking to flourish as servant leaders of other ministries focused on precise and practical teaching of the Bible.

Master of Divinity (MDiv), School of Educational Ministries - 3 years

The MDiv in the Jack D. Terry School of Educational Ministries provides comprehensive preparation for students to lead, teach, disciple, and counsel in a broad range of Christian ministry opportunities, especially in local churches. Students receive training in classical theological disciplines such as Old Testament, New Testament, church history, systematic theology, and biblical languages, as well as applied disciplines such as Christian leadership, preaching, evangelism, discipleship, worship, missions, Bible teaching, and counseling.

Master of Arts in Worship Leadership (MAWL) - 1.5 years

This program is designed for worship leaders who seek to deepen their understanding of authentic expressions of faith and develop their leadership and creative abilities. Through graduate study in worship, theology, culture, leadership, and music, students will be prepared to serve the local church in the area of music and worship ministry.

Master of Theological Studies (MTS)

The Master of Theological Studies provides basic theological education in Bible, church history, and theology.



All our 8-week courses are taught by the faculty members at Southwestern Seminary. Here are just a few of the professors you’ll be able to study with in the 8-week Program:

MadisonGrace-4x4 (1)

W. Madison Grace II

Dean of the School of Theology; Associate Professor of Theology; Director of Oxford Study Program

Joseph R. Crider

Dean of the School of Church Music and Worship; Professor of Church Music and Worship

Shane W. Parker

Affiliate Professor of Leadership and Educational Ministries

Got Questions?

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