Missionary in Residence (MiR) Program

Program Description

The Missionary-in-Residence program at Southwestern Seminary provides temporary housing for career IMB missionary personnel on stateside assignment and/or career NAMB personnel on special assignment. The purpose of providing this housing is to meet the needs of the missionary family while providing awareness, encouragement, and education concerning missions opportunities for Southwesterners and SBC churches. Through the ongoing presence and strategic involvement of SBC missionaries on the SWBTS campus, MIRs will contribute to the fulfillment of the Mission of the WMC by helping to inform, inspire, equip, network, and engage all Southwesterners in God’s vision for his church as expressed in Revelation 7:9-12.

Each year Texas Baptist College and SWBTS students participate in short-term missions, both domestically and internationally, and the number of graduates entering career domestic and international missions is growing. As the SWBTS World Missions Center strives to actively engage every Southwesterner in the task of global evangelism and discipleship, passionately seeking to fulfill the Great Commission and glorify God, the opportunity for students to experience God’s global heartbeat through the life and ministry of a current SBC missionaries is too great of an opportunity to miss. The SWBTS Missionary in Residence program, coordinated through the World Missions Center, provides an opportunity for this interaction.

MiR Policies & Guidelines

Serve in Cooperation with the SWBTS World Missions Center Team

The vision of the World Missions Center is for every Southwesterner actively engaged in the task of global evangelism and discipleship, passionately seeking to fulfill the Great Commission and glorify God. As an active member of our WMC team, the MIR is expected to use his/her unique gifts to minister to students, faculty, and staff for the purpose of engaging all Southwesterners on Mission with God, to the end that the “…Gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations…” (Matthew 24:14). MIRs are expected to give about 20hr per week to their mobilization role.

Intentional Engagement in Seminary Student Life

Relationships with students naturally develop as MIRs become integrated into Seminary and student life on the Southwestern Seminary campus. We encourage MIRs to proactively pursue relationships with students. Many students on our campus are interested in missions involvement. Eating in the cafeteria, attending Chapel, participating in SWBTS athletic events and intramural games, inviting students to the WMC for coffee, and simply being available for impromptu visits in the WMC and the Naylor Student Center are key entryways into the lives of students on campus.

MK’s (Students of Missionaries)

We are fortunate to have a number of students that are children of missionaries (MK’s) attending SWBTS – including MK’s of our Baptist partner mission agencies abroad. Missionaries have experience in the challenges related to changing cultures and adapting to new norms and expectations. MIRs are, therefore, in a unique position to support, encourage, and guide these students. In many instances, you will be able to speak into their lives in a way no one else on campus is able to do. A primary role of the MIRs is to lead in providing fellowship opportunities for students of missionaries. We anticipate this to take the form of both group events and activities as well as individual relationships. MIRs are encouraged to work with the WMC, Student Life, and SWBTS’s International Student Ministry & Services to plan events, keep in touch with students of missionaries throughout the semester and semester breaks, and anticipate needs among our MK’s.

SWBTS Classes (Enrollment and/or Auditing)

  • MIRs are welcome to either enroll in and/or audit classes while serving on campus during a given semester. It is important to note that both IMB and NAMB missionaries under active appointment receive a 50% tuition scholarship for courses in which they enroll at Southwestern.
  • If there are courses that you would like to audit during your time of service on Seminary Hill, please contact the WMC Coordinator and request assistance to contact the respective professor(s) and schedule your participation in the respective course(s).

On-Campus Events

  • Each Fall semester the WMC hosts IMB Affinity Groups for Global Missions Week. This is a strategic time for MIRs as there are multiple opportunities to form relationships with students and begin to build relationships that will enable them to mentor and disciple students in their respective calling to join God on Mission.
  • There are mission trips, both domestic and international, throughout the year. MIRs will have the opportunity to participate in these missionary excursions as WMC sponsors. If you are interested in participating in one or more of these trips during your tenure as MIR, please communicate with the WMC Director or Associate Director for details.
  • Other campus events include:
    • WMC “On Your Way” trainings. This is a mid-semester training hosted by the WMC for students that have an interest in missionary service. The MIR may be called upon to help lead one or more of these events over the course of their MIR term.
    • Training opportunities. There are multiple IMB, NAMB, and ministry partner training events throughout the year. As the MIR you will have the opportunity to participate and, on occasion, to help lead in one or more of these events.

Church and Convention

There are also opportunities through the WMC MIR Program to speak in associational meetings and state convention gatherings (both the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention) to share first-hand accounts of God’s movement around the world. These speaking engagements allow MIRs to serve as a vital link between Southwestern Seminary and area churches. MIRs have the freedom to schedule such events and engagements around family needs and any events/meetings required by IMB and/or SWBTS. The Office of Church Relations is available to work in cooperation with MIRs to coordinate speaking engagements.


  • MIRs are selected and approved through a two-step application process.
  • IMB Personnel: Individuals or families interested in serving at SWBTS during stateside assignments must first have IMB approval. This includes approval from the Student Mobilization team in Richmond and your affinity leadership to serve in this campus mobilization role.
  • NAMB Personnel: NAMB personnel serving in a SWBTS MIR role must first have NAMB approval. Therefore, we will need to communicate with NAMB leadership and your state or local supervisor(s) as part of the application process.


  • Upon receiving confirmation of agency approval(s), applicants may submit the SWBTS MIR application and applications will be reviewed by the World Missions Center team.


  • MIR residences on Southwestern’s campus are fully furnished with utilities included. There is, however, a $250 non-refundable deposit that is payable before a key may be issued. MIRs are expected to follow all policies of the SWBTS Office of Student Housing, including move-in and move-out policy, maintenance reporting, and paying for damages outside the course of normal wear and tear.

Time Frame

  • To maximize the role of MIRs, applications are prioritized in accordance with our academic year and/or semesters. Therefore, priority will be given to applicants available for the full academic year and/or full academic semesters. Southwestern Seminary requires a minimum residence of three months for MIRs. Shorter-term requests will be accepted on a case-by-case basis due to availability.
    • Fall Semester: August-December
    • Spring Semester: January-May

No Pets

  • Southwestern Seminary has a strict “no pets” policy for all MIR housing.


  • All MIR residences are fully furnished. If there are special needs that need to be addressed, please let the WMC Coordinator know, and we will do our best to meet those needs.


  • A vehicle is not provided. Missionaries in Residence must provide for their own transportation needs.

Teaching Opportunities

  • At times there is a need for qualified MIRs to teach a course offered by Southwestern Seminary. Any interest in teaching possible Christian Studies courses should be coordinated through the Academic Dean of the corresponding school.


  • All MIRs, dependents of MIRs living in SWBTS housing, and guests of MIRs are expected to adhere to the Southwestern Seminary residential policies and expectations as outlined on the SWBTS Student Life website (see: http://catalog.swbts.edu/student-life/).

The MIR Application is available online (http://www.swbts.edu/wmc/mir/) or via email upon request.

Southwestern Seminary has two fully furnished, on-campus homes used exclusively for MIRs. These homes are also equipped with wireless internet service. In addition to campus housing, the WMC will provide MIRs with access to the amenities and privileges listed below.

To facilitate access, a SWBTS ID will be provided to MIRs. However, it is necessary for MIRs to submit a SWBTS Background Information Release Form to our Human Resources Office in order to receive an ID badge. This is standard protocol for all campus volunteers, employees, staff, and faculty. The SWBTS Background Information Release Form will be sent to you via email once your MIR housing application has been received and approved by the WMC.

Should you have questions about any of the MIR policies or difficulty gaining access to any of the WMC amenities listed above, please contact the WMC and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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