FROM THE HILL: Dockery discusses the Equality Act, Aniol speaks on the purpose of corporate worship

| Jun 2, 2021

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An Ambassador for Christ” (podcast on, by Travis Kerns, Associate Professor of Apologetics and World Religions

  • Dr. Travis Kerns recalls a much younger version of himself who couldn’t wait to be an “ambassador of Christ” as he moved from Mission Friends to Royal Ambassadors. Decades later, that same commitment to live his faith and make disciples is evident as you hear his enthusiasm for training up church planters at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“First-Person: What is the purpose of corporate worship?” (article on Baptist Press), by Scott Aniol, Associate Professor of Church Music and Worship, Worship Doctoral Studies Director

  • “What are we really doing when we gather for corporate worship each week? For some today, the main purpose for which we gather is evangelism; every service is designed to bring in seekers and move them toward conversion. For others, the purpose of our gatherings is revival or fellowship. Others see the goal of our gatherings to express praise to the Lord, others want an emotional experience, and for some, the gathering is simply a duty to perform. So what does the Word of God identify as the central goal of our corporate gatherings as a church?”

Entity leaders reflect on how COVID-19 has changed the Southern Baptist Convention,” Baptist Press interviewing Adam W. Greenway, President of The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • “At a recent meeting of denominational leaders on the campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) in Fort Worth, Texas, several entity heads echoed Floyd’s lament over a year lost to COVID-19. SWBTS president Adam W. Greenway said the ‘most notable impact was cessation of in-person classes last spring and not resuming them until the fall semester with social distancing.’”

The Eagle Wing of Imagination: Methods for Vivid Pastoral Writing in the Works of Thomas Brooks” (Puritan Reformed Journal 13:1), by Shane Parker, Associate Professor of Leadership and Educational Ministries, Director of the Doctor of Educational Ministry Program

Confessionalism, Anabaptists, and Being Baptist” (podcast on Heaven & Earth by Wyatt Graham), with Malcolm Yarnell, Research Professor of Theology

  • In this episode, Malcolm Yarnell and Wyatt Graham discuss confessionalism, Anabaptists, and being Baptist.

Episode 86, Kuyperian Commentary,” Scott Aniol, interviewed on Uriesou Brito’s YouTube

  • “On this extra pleasant conversation, KC Host, Uri Brio, interviews Dr. Scott Aniol, about his ministry as professor and pastor and his long[ing] for the hymnody of the church.”

Oklahoma Baptist University Presidential Inauguration,” David S. Dockery, Interim Provost and Distinguished Professor of Theology, keynote speaker

  • “It’s a high honor to be part of such a wonderful heritage, Mr. President,” Dockery said. “I am confident that you will provide the kind of faithful, strategic and wise leadership that will be needed during these incredibly challenging times in Christian higher education. OBU is blessed with a treasured heritage and I believe OBU’s influence in this region, in Baptist life, and throughout the country will only be expanded and extended under President Thomas’s leadership.”

The Equality Act, People of Faith, and Religious Freedom” (article on Christianity Today), by David S. Dockery

  • “The Equality Act, which has an appealing name, does not actually support equality for everyone. To the contrary, it targets people of faith for whom human sexuality is not merely a matter of personal opinion. Several advocates for The Equality Act claim that the proposal allows both sexual freedom and religious freedom to coexist, doing so by understanding faith primarily, if not entirely, as a private expression in one’s heart.”

The Equality Act and Religious Freedom” (podcast on Voice, Dallas Theological Seminary), featuring David S. Dockery

  • In this episode, Darrell Bock, Shirley V. Hoogstra, and David S. Dockery discuss the Equality Act, focusing on its impact on religious freedom.

Evangelizing without Memorizing” (video by the Florida Baptist Convention), by Matt Queen, Associate Dean of the Roy J. Fish School of Evangelism and Missions, L.R. Scarborough Chair of Evangelism, Associate Professor of Evangelism

  • Throughout the history of the Southern Baptist Convention, many of the ways we have taught our people to evangelize is to give them a script, outline or diagram and commit things to memory. This training is going to be different in that it will not give you things to memorize but help you recall what you already know and realize you have everything you need to share the Gospel if you are a genuine believer in Jesus Christ.