FROM THE HILL: Greenway stands firm in the Bible as God’s Word, Queen discusses the role of evangelism for church members, and more

| Oct 18, 2021

“From the Hill” is a regular series highlighting the work of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s faculty. Check back here regularly to find articles, blogs, podcasts, interviews, and more.

FIRST-PERSON: The Bible is God's Word" (article on Baptist Press), written by Adam W. Greenway, president

  • "Words matter. Without them, we cannot make claims or delineate truths. Sometimes, the claim we want to make or the truth we want to delineate focuses on just a single word. Indeed, a recent article illustrates the importance of the very word, 'word.'"

"Every Member an Evangelist" (podcast on Church Health and Leadership), featuring Matt Queen, associate dean of the Roy J. Fish School of Evangelism and Missions; professor of evangelism; L.R. Scarborough Chair of Evangelism (“Chair of Fire”)

  • "If the Great Commission is to make disciples of all the nations, it begins with sharing the gospel. In this episode, Tony and Jeff explain that every member of a church is to be an evangelist, not just those who 'gifted' in sharing the gospel."

"Reformation Month Interview with Dr. Greg Wills" (interview on Facebook for First Baptist Church Dumas, TX), interviewing Greg Wills, research professor of church history and Baptist heritage

  • "Are Baptists Protestant? What does the Reformation mean to Baptists in the 21st century? Join in as we talk to Dr. Greg Wills, Professor of Church History at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, about these and other questions as part of our Reformation Month Conversation Series."

"Emerging Religious Groups in U.S. Offer Concerns, Opportunities for Evangelicals" (article on Lifeway Research), quoting Travis Kerns, associate professor of apologetics and world religions

  • "In 170 years of the city’s existence, Dallas churches have sent missionaries to every inhabited continent on earth to plant new congregations and spread the gospel. Some of North America’s largest and most fruitful churches sit in the Dallas metroplex."

"Gateway Chapel | Robert Caldwell" (chapel speaker at Gateway Seminary), Robert Caldwell, professor of church history

  • "Robert Caldwell is professor of church history at Southwestern Baptist Seminary and sits on the advisory board of the Jonathan Edwards Center at Gateway Seminary."