In 2011, Southwestern Seminary launched undergraduate classes in Darrington, offering a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies to 40 inmates. An additional class of students has been added each year since, and the current number of enrolled students stands at 114, with the first class to graduate in May 2015. 

Private funding supports the entire project with no taxpayer money used for the program. Along with paying professors, generous donations provided furniture, computers, materials, and books for the library.

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Theological Education

Southwestern offers a 125-hour, accredited bachelor’s degree in biblical studies to Darrington students. Classes are taught and supervised by full-time and adjunct professors from the seminary.

“Only God could make this happen. Everybody in this project from day one focused on how God can change lives. ”
- Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

Future Ministry

Students currently lead Bible studies and minister to other inmates in Darrington. In the future, graduates of the program will also be transferred to other prisons in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice system to minister in those locations.

About Southwestern

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary assists the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention through the biblical education of God-called men and women for their respective ministries, which fulfill the Great Commission and glorify God.

The motto “Preach the Word, Reach the World” captures for a new generation of students the historic pledge of Southwestern Seminary to serve both Southern Baptist churches and a lost world by equipping ministers for their God-ordained task.

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