FORT WORTH, Texas (SWBTS) – Dead Sea Scrolls expert Peter Flint presented his newly published, two-volume edition of The Isaiah Scrolls to Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, during the seminary’s chapel service, April 5.
Southwestern Seminary currently possesses ten fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Flint, a professor at Trinity Western University and co-director for the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute, has partnered with the seminary in promoting the study and publication of these scrolls.
A memento of this partnership, Flint’s publication is the 32nd and final addition to be within Oxford University Press’ series, Discoveries in the Judean Desert. This volume in the series contains color photographs, notes and commentary on some of the most famous finds from Qumran, including the “Great Isaiah Scroll” and the “Hebrew University Scroll.”
Flint made this presentation, he said, “to salute and honor your (Southwestern Seminary’s) interest in the Dead Sea Scrolls, your purchase of the Dead Sea Scrolls, your commitment to Dead Sea Scrolls scholarship, and also to celebrate a new venture.” This new venture, he added, involves the ongoing study and publication of Southwestern Seminary’s scroll fragments.